Friday, April 14, 2006

I hate foot washing

Do you know how many germs grow on the human foot? Feet are just nasty. Well, Maundy Thursday rolled around again, and I went to yet another Maundy Thursday foot washing.

Yes, I know its scriptural;

Yes, Jesus commanded it;

Yes, it's awesome theology,

Yes, I was even Sacristan during the service ferreting bowls of water back and forth;

Yes, short of eating hosts off the floor and self flagellation, I still think it is the nastiest ritual ever conceived. Couldn't we have just had a hand washing?

Thanks a lot, Jesus.

1 comment:

Marshall said...

Come, my friend: is this a result from life in a culture that sees footwashing as an ordinance equal to the Lord's Table? (About which I do know a little: the navel of the Universe incorporates Caryville, Jacksboro, and Cove Lake State Park.)

Yeah, it's a yucky task; but a lot less yucky than when Jesus did it. (I'm sure you've heard that sermon.) It is also powerful - and perhaps more powerful for me when I'm doing the washing.