Saturday, April 08, 2006

Its spring...haha, just kidding

We were teased with some days last week that were almost passable as spring. I even walked down to Walgreens without a coat. And then Old Man Winter said, "Haha...just kidding."

We seem to be having a gasp of winter here. The wind is blowing, and I had to fish the gloves and scarf back out. This has been a really bizarre winter. From Thanksgiving until the 1st week or so of January, it never got above freezing. Then January was pretty mild. February got cold again, especially that weekend where we went to a concert downtown on a Friday and came back two hours later to find our doors frozen shut. I guess all things considered, it is way better than last winter, which never seemed to end.

Us Southern boys just don't like this cold bid'ness. In your ear, Old Man Winter!

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Brian said...

Reminds me of of a verse by Judith Wright set in Canberra, called "Going outside":

I stepped out
into the day without thinking.
It rushed at me
took me by the throat
turned me back
and slammed the door after me.
-- Blast you
can't you ever remember your coat and gloves?