Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Return to the Dark Side

Enjoying my Spring Break, Reading Week...I trekked back down to the South Side for my first baseball game of the year. The Sox were playing the "We can't figure out what city we live in" Angels. Freddy Garcia (5-1) pitched a gem of a game, striking out six (the first of which is pictured) and retiring the last 16 men he faced. Jim Thome hit a 3-run blast. It was a lot of fun if you were a Sox fan. There was also quite possibly the best catch I have ever seen live. The Sox ripped off Tim Salmon of a homerun...what a beautiful thing.

I was afraid it was going to rain, as it had been cloudy all day and the weatherman said patchy thunderstorms for the evening. But, yet again, the weatherman screwed up and still gets to keep his job. The temperature was warm and nary a drop of rain fell.

Oddly, the woman sitting next to me was determined to convince me that I look like Sox first baseman Paul Konerko. Of course, this was after she had six beers. From my calculations, that must have been the most expensive 6-pack o' cheap beer in history at $6 a pop. I guess after spending $36 on cheap beer, its a wonder I didn't look like Santa Claus in Sox drag. Posted by Picasa

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