Friday, May 26, 2006

Sink or Swim Week

Being the last stretch run of the quarter here at the 'Bury, we have reached what I call Sink or Swim Week. All things considered, I probably have it better than my cousin who shipped off to Army bootcamp this morning.

The power finally came back on, which is a good thing. I hate having to sit in my room in the dark at night with nothing to do or read. During these times, and only during these times, does one have an appreciation for those voyeuristic math word problems you had to do in high school: the ones that say something about Sally being stuck in a dark closet with a bureau full of three different colors of socks in the drawer, and you have to calculate the fewest number of socks she can pull out that guarantees she has at least one matching pair. I was always more curious as to who Sally was and why she would keep a bureau full of socks in a dark closet to begin with. It always seemed to me if she was asking a stranger to calculate sock odds in a dark closet, she might as well go barefoot because she has other problems than matching socks.

In any event, the bad news was the power didn't come back on in time for me to access my computer so I could get my sermon notes for Friday's final preaching class. Luckily, I had intended on preaching without notes anyway, so I was able to reconstruct my sermon in time by the dawn's early light.

This was a feat considering I tried to brew a pot of coffee on the one outlet that was working in the room, only to have that outlet loose power mid-brew. Apparently they shut the whole works down so they could replace the master fusebox or whatever. The coffee pot ran just long enough so I could one single slurp of coffee. Needless to say, I added quite a bit of sugar to that one slurp of coffee. My shot o' coffee flavored sugar had to suffice. The weird thing is, I never really drank, or needed to drink, coffee when I was in college.

Ah, the joys of grad school.

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