Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Weird Hotel Pool Signs

I drove back to Tennessee (and made it back safe and sound). After preaching two services on Sunday, I didn't feel like driving the whole way in one sitting, so I stopped at a Super 8 motel that had a pool.

The pool was this little indoor number. As I was wading around the pool (5 foot pools just don't do much for 6 foot something guys), I noticed the usual Pool warnings sign. Usually they have things like: Swim at own risk, and such. Well, this particular hotel had a laundry list, and it was rather graffic. Considering what I learned in law school, no disclaimer is ever made unless there is a story behind it. With that in mind, these were some of the particular gems that were listed:

No one with open, festering, or oozing wounds may swim.
Any person with blood borne pathogens may not swim.
Those who have just given birth may not swim.

Good thing I'm not a ebola-infected, post-natal zombie.

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