Saturday, July 22, 2006

God is Pokey

The Archer has finally returned to civilization (Mission, SD, is now apparently "civilization"...go figure). I was at the Thunderhead Episcopal Center in the Black Hills of South Dakota during the middle school camps. It was fun but tiring. I have worked 14 straight 12+ hour days without a break. Unlike last summer's CPE, at least this time I am getting paid.

I have some pictures to upload at some point, but I am too tired now to fiddle with it. TEC is a beautiful place though. Its about 15 miles south of Deadwood up on a hill. Down the hill is a grassy valley of sorts that TEC rents out for grazing rights. There was a herd of about 40 wild mustangs running about.

The title of this blog entry is "God is Pokey." We went on a nature hike with the kids one day. The goal was to get to the old outdoor chapel, at which point the kids were suppose to have picked up something along the way that reminded them of God. There was the usual stuff like flowers and pine cones. One girl had the little branch with a heavy clump of pine needles. She said it reminded her of God because "God is pokey" like the needles. I think she meant it as a joke, but I include it here because it was sort of profound in a weird sort of way. Surely someone can use it in a paper or sermon.

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