Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pray for Rain

As I blogged yesterday, I returned to Rosebud. I made the rounds on the church circuit today. Most of the farmers around here were bailing hay this week, or were at least trying to. The warden at the church we went to this morning in Okreek said he harvested 1/3 of what he normally gets in hay. The draught here is severe. In fact, we were told by numerous folks today that if it does not rain here soon that with the spike in gas prices, most farmers are hardly breaking even as is. If they have to buy and haul hay, there are going to be quite a few farmers that will go under in within a year.

It is not quite "dust bowl" conditions yet, but if we go another year the way we have been going, it might very well happen. There has not been a major range fire in Rosebud yet. There was one down in Valentine, Nebraska (about 30 miles south) yesterday that burned some houses. Fires will begin here if we do not get any rain.

Please pray for rain.

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Kyle said...

You got it, man. Peace be with you.