Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer is Half Over

I have just crossed over the half way point with my summer job out here on the ranch. It was hovering at 108 degrees all day. The drought level out here has been hovering at level 4, which is the highest its gets on the drought scale. The bad news is, we have not even begun the driest month of the year yet.

I drove by the fire department today and both the engines were out. I saw one driving around frantically later in the day. No major brushfires as of yet in Rosebud or Mission. The governor officially announced today it was the hottest July on record and that conditions had officially not been this bad since the Dust Bowl. In fact, a few cows apparently died of heat exposure on a farm south of here. I didn't even know cows could get heat stroke.

I got another e-mail from a friend of mine from Mississippi saying that the Gulf of Mexico is warmer this year than last year. That's really bad news. All the heat creates energy that a mild tropical storm can whip into a Hurricane in a matter of hours.

This could be a bad couple of months.

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