Saturday, August 19, 2006

Clergy Shortages

While I was at the Lay Reader's conference in Martin, SD (population 204), I had an interesting conversation with the priest in charge of clergy deployment for the diocese. She was the initial person I dealt with when setting up this internship, so I know her somewhat.

Apparently, the diocese is desperate for clergy. After buttering me up with two pecan brownies and a Dr. Pepper (she knows how to deal with Southerners apparently), She flat up offered me a job if I wanted it. I had to politely decline, seeing as my diocese (Nebraska) is probably going to create a curacy or something for me next year. In fact, I have a meeting with my bishop on the 31st to discuss that very topic (amongst other things). Apparently I am "on the radar" in the South Dakota deployment office.

I pass this along in case any of my priest or priest-to-be friends are still looking for work. South Dakota is looking for good clergy.

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