Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Not Crazy

I had my final meeting with the psychiatrist today, which is all part of the ordination process in the Episcopal Church. MMPI and all that good stuff. They apparently want to make sure potential clergy are crazy enough but not too crazy.

I had a bizarre conversation with the Diocesan psychiatrist about how they try to screen out the nuts but also those who fall into the category of "absolute normal." Apparently being "absolute normal" is abnormal in itself. I have a minor in psychology, and I don't remember ever having heard about that one. I guess you only get to hear about weird stuff like chronic agoraphobic melancholy, and they must save the "absolute normal" discussion for when you get the Captain Sy Kosis secret decoder ring when you you are working on your Ph.D. clinicals.

On the long drive back to Rosebud, I began wondering what you would call someone who suffers from it. Do they have an Uber-Abundance of Normalcy? Or are they Abnormal Deficient Obsessive Non-compulsive? Or do they suffer from Normalopathy?

I also got to wondering what sort of behaviors a person exhibits when they are suffering from this disorder of "absolute normal." They must all be right handed, squeeze the toothpaste from the ends, and button their shirts from the bottom. They must also grow up and have exactly 2.5 kids and a Yellow Lab named Rex.

At least the voices from Planet Nifjwasrasd tell me I don't suffer from Absolute Normality.


Susie said...

Button shirts from the bottom? Whoever heard of such nonsense?

Oh right... I'm crazy enough to be ordained too :)

Stephen Newell said...

LOL! This makes me appreciate the Baptist process of ordination much more. All we did was focus on my doctrinal positions, ministry goals, and experience.

Raisin said...

Holy moly, I agree with Susie - button shirts from the BOTTOM?? Glad to know you're neither crazy nor normal!