Friday, September 29, 2006

British ethnicity forms

So I was signing the initial forms for Westcott House yesterday, and it came to the part about your ethnicity. British forms are a bit different. For us mostly white folk, It read as follows:

Mark one:
1. White-British
2. White-Irish
3. White-other

I was not quite sure what to put. I don't think 'British' is actually an ethnicity, but I guess its best not to quibble about such things. I do have some Scotch-Irish, but that's not my nationality. I think I finally put white-other, as I don't need the Anglican Inquisition coming and taking me away to Londonamo where they force feed you tea and crumpets.

There was also no hispanic or native american option at all. Very strange. But apparently Caribbean is. Go figure...

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