Monday, September 25, 2006

Life at Westcott

I have arrived safely at Westcott. I have been fairly busy the last week days getting settled in and all. Unfortunately, the network is not turned on yet, so I have to use the library computer on a Windows 95 machine. I think this monitor came over on the ark. I will attempt to upload some photos at some point when I get a descent network connection. Anyway, I have arrived and moved in. I even have a sitting room and a maid. Its wonderfully, if somewhat disgustingly English. (FYI...the London Tube station where you catch the train to Cambridge is out of commission, so you have to hike a bit from the next line over.)

I am truly astounded at the number of Anglican churches. It seems there isone on every street corner. I went to a lovely church called St. Mary's the Lesser up on Trumpington street. It was much like the church I attend in Chicago, with about a quarter of the congregation having my last name...Go figure.

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