Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Westcott, day 2

I finalized my classes at Westcott today. Registration processes at UK colleges are so much easier. You just meet with the registrar, tell her what you want to take, and she works it out and tells you if there is a problem. No forms to sign, no advisors to deal with. I must have made my way into academic Narnia.

I am taking a life and worship class, and a Life in Christ class, both introductory C of E classes for ordinands that focus on life, polity, and Anglican liturgy (they use the word "ordinand" a lot here, it's "brilliantly grand.") I am also taking a class in Jewish-Christian relations from a Dutch-born Holocaust Holocaust survivor who was ethnically Jewish but converted to the C of E many years ago. That should be quite interesting. I am also taking a Bible studies class that is broken down into half on Ruth/Jonah and half on Deuteronomy. How exactly they will thread those together will be interesting. Its co-taught by the vice principal of Westcott down at Ridley Hall, the other Anglican seminary. I tried to get into the Orthodox Approach to Pastoral Life class, but it was full, and not really transferable if I could have gotten in. Ah well...I think that's a good mix.

We also were treated to a walking tour of the colleges of Cambridge. I took some pictures I will try to upload later when I get a regular computer connection. It was really quite informative. Darwin studied here, Cranmer studied there, they learned to split the atom over there (the building is apparently abandoned because it is still radioactive and lead lined).

Welcome to Cambridge.


Raisin said...

Good to hear about your classes and all (you have a maid?!), but we do miss you around here.

Rev Sam said...

Oo. I had missed the fact that you were going to Westcott - my training house, which I left in '99. I look forward to reading about how you find it.