Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Archer goes to Ely

I only have like one audit class from 9 to 10 on Thursday mornings; so I had a crazy idea as I was walking back from class. It was a nice day, so I decided to go hop on the train and see the cathedral at Ely (pronounced ee-lee), which is about 15 miles north of here. I had heard it was an impressive cathedral that rivaled Canterbury.

It was most impressive. I ended up taking all the pictures I could on my camera (about 150). The cathedral also had a stained glass museum in the upper part of the cathedral, so I strolled through that as well. I also managed to hit up the noon Eucharist in one of the side chapels.

The house in the foreground was Oliver Cromwell's family home.

Many places in the church (like here behind the Touchdown Mary Lady chapel altar) where statutes of saints would have stood are now empty, thanks to Mr. Cromwell's Puritanical rampage.

The cathedral was absolutely huge, bigger than St. Patrick's in Dublin even. I have several more exterior pictures because is was a sunny day.

I have a timer on my camera, so I placed it on a lectern and hustled down to the rood screen for this shot.
The Archer makes a new friend.


Sandy said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE painted ceilings like this one of the cathedral at Ely. If you see any more like this, take some extra pictures for me!

The Archer of the Forest said...

I'll e-mail you some. I've taken quite a few.