Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Archer goes to London

I decided to take a day trip to London yesterday before the quarter got too hectic. Excluding the British museum (I am going to devote a whole day to it later), I managed to see just about all the big stuff in London in a day.

The above pictures are of Westminster Abbey and the Tower Bridge. I got to tour Westminster, although I have to admit I was a little disappointed at the way all the people were herded through like cattle and you couldn't take any pictures on the inside. Ely was much nicer and just as impressive.

Big Ben says, "hello"

St. Paul's Cathedral from across the Thames. The Globe theater is directly behind me in this shot. How this massive building survived the Blitz is truly a miracle, as it dominates the skyline on the East End.

Being a Sherlock Holmes fan, I could not resist going to the Holmes museum at 221B Baker street. It was a well down museum but still a bit touristy, but it made my day to have this picture taken.


Raisin said...

Wow...Westminster! Tower Bridge! Big Ben! and Sherlock, too. What a treat these pics are. Thanks!

Wozzeck33 said...

Ah, Ryan... I'm so jealous! I love London.