Monday, October 16, 2006

Comment Security

Dadgummit...I hate that I live in a blogosphere where I have to use the "word verification" to approve blog comments. This is to prevent spammers of course. And it is necessary I guess. But for the love of C. Barry Western, I hate when you go to type the letters of the word verification, and the letters are so messed up that you have to use clairvoyance to figure out what they are.

As you do everything short of holding your computer monitor up to the light, you realise don't read the language of hippie tie-dye.

Could that be a Q?
Perhaps an aleph?
Omega perchance?
Hey, this one has a hanging chad!

Then you go and type what you think they might be, and you get the menacing red line of scorn, "Enter the letters as they are shown in the image," Chump.

d'Oh! I'll show you some letters!
How 'bout these apples?: $%@# %$#!!!!

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