Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Major League Baseball playoffs

The best season of the year is upon us. Baseball playoffs on one channel, football on others. And I find myself across the pond in the bowels of sports hades, not being able to watch any of it. No one in town carries American football games nor the major league baseball playoffs. I suppose I could stay up until 2 in the morning and see if there is still a pub open at that hour. But, alas, no sports for The Archer.

I am left commenting on the baseball playoffs, even though I only get to read the boxscores from or All things considered, it is probably just as well. There are not really any teams in the playoffs this year that I really care to follow. In fact, the entire Major League season was a bit of a let down. No one seemed to want to win the NL West, and the Cardinals and Tigers limped into the playoffs. The White Sox and Braves ended up tanking. The Red Sox didn't make it either, so there is no hope of a Bosox-Yanks grudge-match.

Personally, I think whoever wins the AL pennant will take the whole can of cheeze whiz in the end. The Mets, whom I utterly detest, are about the only team from the National League that could possibly make a serious go of it, but they lost their ace pitcher for the year. The Mets are the only NL team to win more than 90 games, whereas the AL had 5 such teams.
The Twins surged late, and overtook both the White Sox and the Tigers to win the AL Central on the last day. They are the only team that might prove pesky for the Yankees, but I don't think they have enough gas to do it.
The thoughts of another "subway series" in New York is even more detestable. Even more reason for New Yorkers to mistake the Big Apple for the center of the known universe. I can hear the car horns already honking. And being in Cambridge, that's a feat.
This is why I stated this is the best season of the year. You can simply flip the channel and watch football when the MLB playoffs are a snoozer. That is, of course, assuming the facts that you have a television and can get an American station.

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