Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Pics from London

I realized today that there were a few cool places I visited on Saturday that I forgot to upload pictures of. I got to spend most of the morning at the Tower of London. The first picture here is the white tower...the place you didn't want to be taken if you ran afoul of Henry VIII. Its a great place to visit, but quite morbid when you hear all the dreadful tales.

There is more than just the White Tower, which is just the center of a huge castle complex. I am probably violating copyright law, but I snapped a photo of this postcard I bought to give you a frame of reference for the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Click to enlarge it, and you will see what I mean. (Cameo appearance by The Archer's thumb.)

If you did manage to tick off the royal heinie, you were brought by boat through the traitor's gate. Most people who were brought in here didn't live to see the outside of it again.

The chapel photo below is the Monarch's Chapel. After a hard day of ordering beheadings, I guess the old king needed a place to meditate. I was quite happy with this shot photography wise, as the sun was just coming in the window.

Also, I managed to get a good shot in front of Buckingham Palace, which I found was a large Georgian monstrosity.

And I, of course, made another friend along the way.

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