Saturday, October 28, 2006

Shazam! Cards win World Series

I would never have guessed any National League team had it in them to win the whole can of cheese whiz, but apparently I am mistaken. And gladly so. I stopped in St. Louis over the summer and saw their new stadium, which they christened well.

Congrats, St. Louis

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Andy Ward said...

Wow! Am I actually posting 2 comments in the same blog during the same visit? You have again evoked a distant memory....

I was living in London, studying law at University College at the University of London in 1986. As a more-or-less rabid fan of the Yankees (yes, I can hear the hissing now), I was terribly troubled by Boston's making the WS that year. I am sorry to report that my cheers for the American League do not extend to the Beantown entrant.

I would catch the summary of the sports world each day on 1 of the 4 television channels (I understand there to be 8 broadcast channels now!?). Imagine my untrammeled glee at the reporting as to Game 6!! Thanks again for taking me back. Andy