Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Archer goes over to Rome (the city not the church)

I was in Rome this weekend. I am back safe and sound in Cambridge, albeit a little tired. You can in fact tour Rome in a day and half. I couldn't believe how cheap the food was. I had pizza, spaghetti, scampi, and a glass of wine for less than ten Euros. I also got to tour the Colosseum and the Roman forum which I will post later.I took over 200 pictures, so I am still sorting through them. I really downsized these photographs for blogging, so the quality isn't really great. There are just so many though, I had to. If you want to see a detailed high resolution of any of these, let me know.
Here is a shot from St. Peter's Square, looking up at the Papal apartments.
They would not let you take any pictures in the Sistine Chapel, but anywhere else, including St. Peter's Basilica was fine.
It was chilly, but the sun was shining all day, which apparently is unique for Italy at this time.
It's impressive, but the Protestant voice in my head kept telling me this was all financed with the sale of indulgences. The Vatican museum has over a 1000 rooms, most of which are closed to the public. These last two pictures various rooms throughout the Vatican that are not St. Peter's or the Sistine Chapel. Pictured here (with the lighted ceiling) is the "map room" where a Renaissance pope sent out explorers to map Italy. With only a compass and crude instruments, they mapped Italy up 98% accurately.
The ceilings in the Vatican were all spectacular, as seen here.
These pictures are from St. Peter's Basilica. It was rather dark in there, and some of those pictures didn't turn out so well.
I may have to fiddle with the brightness on those pictures when I get the time. 72 is the high dome, which is deceptively larger than it looks. You could in fact fit the Eiffel Tower in there.
Stay tuned for Rome, part II...

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