Thursday, November 30, 2006

Da' Cubbies

I have been watching with some amusement (with my White Sox keychain bottle opener in hand), what the Chicago Cubs have been doing in the off season. Namely, they've been spending money like its going out of style. The Cubs have spent 239 million in the off season so far. This includes Alfonso Soriano for 136 million (yes, that's US Dollars). They fired Dusty Baker (the coach) and brought in Lou Pinella (the temper) for 10 million.

There is still no end in sight. Rumor is they've offered pitcher Jason Schimdt a contract worth 45 million. The fact is, the Cubs have signed more in contract pay outs than their current budget will be able to handle, meaning the sound you will soon be hearing is the Chicago Tribune's Cubs For Sale sign flapping in the breeze. The Tribune is going out in style, ringing up a quarter billion+ in debt, only to turn turn around and force the next owner to pony up the money.

Listen, fellers: Take it from the New York Mets: Money can't buy you championships. If that won't do it, read today's Dilbert and simply insert "Cub" for "Fox."

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