Friday, November 24, 2006

Westcottian Tattler

Actual Conversation Overheard at Westcott:
(Some names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Ordinand 1: Let's go for dinner.
Archer: Sure
Ordinand 2: Where?
Ordinand 1: How about the Chinese place around the corner?
Archer: Ooh...sweet.
Ordinand 2: Which one?
Ordinand 1: You know, the one next to the book binder shop.
Ordinand 2: Oh right...the...uh...what's the name of it...the Stinky Buddha.
Archer: Why would I want to eat at a place called the Stinky Buddha?
Ordinand 2: no, no, Stinky Buddha...that doesn't sound right
Ordinand 1: Yeah, I think its the Obese Buddha, or something like that.
Ordinand 2: That still does not sound Big Buddha.
Ordinand 1: Brilliant. That's the one.
Archer: Right! Big Stinky Obese Buddha...let's go!

And I once thought recalling pastoral conversations for CPE verbatims was a worthless talent.

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