Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pub Signs from England

I have a nice collection of photos I took of Pub signs in England that I have been meaning to post. You have seen this one from a Dickens novel (and Roger's hometown) before on this blog.

This is near St. Albans' Cathedral. Lovely pint of Spitfire.
This was next to the church in Flamstead. Friendly folks in Small Town England.
This one was at the end of St. Julian's Alley, where St. Julian of Norwich might have gone for a pint after a long day of sitting in a cell.

A little blurry, but a classic. This one was going toward the Cathedral in Norwich.
This is not actually a pub sign, but I spent enough money there to warrant it in this blog entry.

For those of us in the ordination process, we know all about The Bishop's Finger.

I was fond of this name. The Compleat Angler was the first treatise on fishing written by Isaak Walton, who also did a biography of his friend Richard Hooker, whom you might just know something about.

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