Thursday, December 21, 2006

Westcott as School Subject Lesson

My Westcottian readers will appreciate this anecdote. My aunt teaches a special education class at a middle school (pre-teenagers) in Knoxville. As they are about to get out for Christmas break, she asked me at church on Sunday if I would like to come and teach a class period on my travels to Westcott House. Since I have a minor in education, I was happy to since it has been some years since I student taught.

We had a jolly fun time. I made some powerpoint presentations with pictures I had taken in Cambridge, London, Granada, and Rome. I don't think they quite comprehended what Fish pie was (of course I don't think I can either, and I ate it!), but they loved looking at British money and some of the postcards I brought back. I showed them a 10 pound note, and one boy exclaimed, "This doesn't weigh 10 pounds!" They especially liked the pictures of the Alhambra and the painted ceiling of Ely Cathedral.

The biggest hit of the afternoon was by far my Westcott House embroidered scarf, or as one boy said, " are so like Harry Potter." I took it as a compliment. I think they all enjoyed being able to see far away places, since only half the kids in the class had ever even been out of the state of Tennessee, much less to Europe.

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