Monday, January 01, 2007

The Archer: Year in Review

I have been contemplating what I was going to do for an end of the year blog, so I decided to do a David Letterman-esque top ten photographs of the year. Considering I have taken well over 1000 pictures during the year with my adventures in South Dakota and Europe. It was a tough task. I whittled it down to 50 and then 30 and finally ten. My criterion was a memorable event and/or a unique place or camera shot.

Here is what I came up with:

This is the granddaddy of all hot dogs I got at the NCAA College World Series in Omaha, NE. And it was kosher, too.
This was the view out my back porch one weekend in South Dakota. A local Lakota had erected a traditional teepee for a group of church folks to see.
For a few weeks, I was working as a counselor/program coordinator at the Thunderhead Episcopal Camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota. One day after a dinner time shower, there was the biggest rainbow I have ever seen.
My time in South Dakota ended, and I found myself across the pond. First stop: a vacation in Ireland. This is from the top of the cliffs of Howth, a fishing village on the north side of Dublin.
My travels took me to Westcott House, seen here on a lovely September day.
A weekend trip to London introduced me to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.Canterbury is leaning, or at least so it appeared in this accidental and weirdly angled shot. I got to stop on a weekend trip to Rome and see the Colosseum. I had considered a picture of the Vatican, but one of my dreams growing up was to see the Colosseum, probably because I saw one too many gladiator films. And, of course, a view from the top of the Al Hambra in Granada, Spain, in early December. This was a truly spectacular view. You really didn't expect me to end on a serious note, did you? I met this chap in Ely Cathedral...must be an old family relation.

There is my year in review. The old ends, the new begins. Happy New Year, everyone!

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