Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cambridge pictures, circa 1949

There is a gentleman at St. Paul's by the Lake, where I am doing my full time field education. Before going to Westcott in the fall, he had told me about being one of the children involved in the Kinder-transport prior to WWII. The Kinder transport apparently was a massive effort to move children from Nazi occupied Germany and Austria to England prior to the second World War. He was apparently adopted or looked after by an Anglican Clergyman in England, and then after the war eventually made his way to the States. I didn't think much about this story until I was in London back in October. I ran into this monument outside the Liverpool trainstation, and remembered the story this gentleman had told me.
I took a couple of pictures of the monument.
In any event, when I returned to Chicago this month, this gentleman was interested in seeing and hearing about England and Cambridge. Apparently right before he left England for America, he took some sort of a Vacation to Cambridge and had this scrapbook of photographs.
It was a massive collection of photographs from Cambridge. I include only a few on this post. I have added them all to a photo album on Facebook.
I was most interested in these pictures of Westcott, Ridley, and Wesley House, where I took classes. As far as we could reckon, these pictures must be from sometime circa 1949-1950.

Its a small world after all, I suppose.

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