Tuesday, January 02, 2007

General Ordination Exams: Day 1

Well, the day has come and gone, and I feel pretty good about the General Ordination Exam today. We had two sets of questions today, both in long essay form. Both sets were pretty straight forward. In fact, they were so straight forward, one wonders whats coming tomorrow.

The first question set for the morning was a compare and contrast the Rite I BCP Eucharistic Prayer and the Enriching Our Worship Prayer 2. They basically asked about how the two prayers viewed 1. God, 2. Humanity, 3. Community, and 4. what is happening at the Eucharist. The history question was just a straight up question about the Crusades, their aspects, and how that plays out in the Post-Reformation era with examples from Christian churches, movements, or sects.

I was just happy when I opened up the questions and I immediately recognized what the question was talking about. No Caroline Divines or last year's infamous ESP question "We're going to ask about the Social Gospel movement without actually saying the term Social Gospel Movement in the question."

Due to confidentiality and peer stress factors, I am not going to discuss how I answered the questions. But, so far, so good.

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