Saturday, February 17, 2007

CSI: St. Paul's

So I get to my field ed site this morning around 8:30 and pull into the parking lot. There does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary. About half and hour later, the sexton walks in and says there are police officers all up and down the alley behind the parking lot.

We walk out into the middle of CSI: St. Paul's. Apparently about 7 AM, there was some sort of gang shooting right outside the parking lot. A neighbor, who is apparently notorious for being looney tunes, said she saw someone get shot, but there was no blood anywhere on the snow. There were quite a few shell casings on the street, but that was more likely some morons shooting guns into the air.

Regardless, the whole area turned into a crime scene, with yellow tape and flags everywhere. The CSI team was taking pictures and everything. Luckily we were setting up for the Mardi Gras dinner for tomorrow, so we were able to wait them out before leaving to go home for the day.

Fun times.

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