Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Generation Me

There is an interesting article on MSNBC that is worth a perusal. The story is about a study of college students with the alarming rise in "narcissism, self-centeredness." This reminds me of the catch phrase of Lake Wobegon "where all the kids are above average."

Personally, I think instead of Generation Y, we should call them Generation Wiggum, as the phenomenon perhaps is best summed up by the Simpsons' character of Ralph Wiggum:

"I'm special!"

Personally, I don't understand why any one would be shocked at this. This appears to me to be the end game of a variety of things, ranging from radical "I'll have a double mocha cappacino with cinammon bun chaser" individualism to the public school focus on "self esteem" buzz words.

Read it and tell me what you think.

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Wozzeck33 said...

Well, that was frightening, if not particularly surprising. While I'm not usually one to get on my holy roller soapbox (I don't in fact own one) It seems to me that this can be understood as a result of the abandoning of the traditional anthropological assumptions of the Protestant theology that has always been in the air in the United States - even for people that don't participate in the ministry of the church. I was raised to believe that while I was flawed, God loves me anyway - my lovability doesn't inhere in my own person. It is a gift from outside myself. If this is no longer the assumption, that is, if human value can no longer be suspended in tension between human evil and the grace of God, what else can happen? As far as I can tell, nothing but narcissism and despair. And what's worse, the American church, in both its liberal mainline and megachurch manifestations, is doing nothing theologically to counter this trend. In fact, I fear we are complicit.