Tuesday, February 13, 2007

GOE irony

So we got our General Ordination Exam scores back today. I did not sustain in all areas, but I didn't get any 1's, which was basically what I was shooting for. I also sustained in what I thought were the hardest subjects...go figure. I did not really care about GOE's at the time, nor do I really care now. I mean, really...42 pages in 3 and half days? The bar exam is only 2 days and half of it is multiple choice.

I did notice something in the Certificate that is being mailed to Seminary Deans and Bishops that people who did not do as well as they had hoped might take some mirth in. The Certificate letter (with the GOE scores and the 1 to 5 grading scale listed) is signed by both the Chair and the Vice Chair of the Board of Examining Chaplains and lists the names of all Examining Chaplains (all 20 of them).

I quote verbatim:
"We, having been assigned as Examiners if this Candidate, hereby testify that we have examined the said Candidate upon the subject matter in Canon III.15.2(a). Sensible of our responsibility, we give our judgement regarding this examinations as follows:"

Let's apply their own grading scale to this paragraph, shall we? I count one direct typo, one grammatical error, one awkward phrase, and technically 'judgment' according the Black's legal dictionary is not spelled with an E to differentiate it from a Common Law non sequitur. I think this letter deserves a grade of 2, as it "indicates a problematic response. Further Evaluation is recommended."

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Beth said...

Wow. Somebody needs to go to writing boot camp....