Monday, February 19, 2007

MP3 Players and the L

I decided to make a trip down to Chinatown today because I needed some tea, and my mother wanted some of the good soy sauce you can get down there for her birthday no less. (Don't ask...I apparently run an interstate dealer cartel in Chinese soy sauce.)

In any event, I decided to take along my MP3 player. It was the first time I have ever take any sort of music playing device onto the L train before. I usually just read or get drawn into conversations with nutjobs and weirdos Chicago's most outstanding citizens.

I was not really listening to music, per se, but a radio serial of Superman from 1945. It was really a phenomenonally well written series called The Atom Man in Metropolis, which involved a crazy Nazi war criminal making an Atom Man out of Kyptonite to destroy Superman.

I did, however, feel an odd sensation of having joined the Marxian "opiate of the masses" by having been assimulated by Star Trekkian Borg technology. I was left to listen to whatever I want without having to deal with anyone around me, having plugged into the MP3 collective.

Resistance is futile...but I still refuse to use a bluetooth.

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The Cowardly Seminarian said...

Oh, come on, Archer, use a bluetooth! I want to see you looking insane talking out loud to yourself in public!!