Monday, February 12, 2007

Where have you gone, John Calvin?

Father Garrity, my principal in catholic high school must be laughing himself silly...

-The Archer+


You scored as Traditional Catholic. You look at the great piety and holiness of the Church before the Second Vatican Council and the decay of belief and practice since then, and see that much of the decline is due to failed reforms based on the "Spirit of the Council". You regret the loss of vast numbers of Religious and Ordained clergy and the widely diverging celebrations of the Mass of Pope Paul VI, which often don't even seem to be Catholic anymore. You are helping to rebuild this past culture in one of the many new Traditional Latin Mass communities or attend Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgy. You seek refuge from the world of pornography, recreational drugs, violence, and materialism. You are an articulate, confident, committed, and intelligent Catholic.

But do you support legitimate reform of the Church, and are you willing to submit to the directives of the Second Vatican Council? Will you cooperate responsibly with others who are not part of the Traditional community?

Traditional Catholic


Neo-Conservative Catholic


Radical Catholic


New Catholic


Evangelical Catholic


Liberal Catholic


Lukewarm Catholic


What is your style of American Catholicism?
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I decided to go for a 2nd opinion and came up with this:

You scored as High Church Nomad. You were raised as some kind of evangelical, but you've started to appreciate other forms of Christian piety. Specifically, you're starting to think that Roman Catholics aren't as crazy as you once thought they were. You probably won't end up going home to Rome, but Canterbury has piqued your interest.

High Church Nomad




Presby - Old School


Reformed Baptist


Moderate Evangelical


Evangelical Presbyterian


Conservative Evangelical


Fightin' Fundy


What Kind of Evangelical Are You
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Disturbingly enough, I came up almost exactly at 80 percent on both. Weirdness. And who exactly is the random bald dude?

-The Archer+


Stephen Newell said...

The "bald dude" is N. T. Wright. He's a favorite of Emerging/Emergent folks and is one of the "name" people in the New Perspective on Paul. He thinks Marcus Borg is a Christian, even though Borg denies the resurrection.

The Archer of the Forest said...

NT Wright...gotcha. I know all about NT Wright. I've read his stuff on Paul, which was pretty good. I did not know he was well thought of among the Emergent Church folk. Interesting...