Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wintery Mix

So we got an inch+ of the infamous "wintery mix" today. I had to scrape off what I can only describe as an Iceberg-sized Slushie off my windsheild before I went to church this morning. And it certainly did not come in Cherry or Cola flavor.

I was never quite sure what constitutes "wintery mix" any way. On the one hand it sounds sort of like Trail Mix, like it would have raisins (Not that Raisin) and chocolate chips. Of course, you couldn't make iceballs out of yogurt covered pretzels and scraping them off your windshield would just be a mess. Although, I would not mind scraping off a mix with those little wasabi peas.

I am also holding out for some other season of mix. Perhaps the ever elusive Autumny mix (with leaves and candy corn) or perhaps even a Springy mix (with April showers bringing May flowers leftover Easter marshmallow peeps.)

Yes, I have decided I do not like this thing called "wintery mix."

Or Green Eggs and Ham.



Raisin said...

That is a flippin' hilarious picture!

Wozzeck33 said...

"Wintery Mix," in fact, is the hot new dance club at the North Pole, where the elves dance.