Thursday, March 29, 2007

eGad! Holy Week is nearly upon us!

Spending a whirlwind weekend in Lincoln (for my British readers, that's Lincoln, Nebraska, not Lincolnshire), I feel like I lost a Sunday. I completely forgot that this Sunday is Palm Sunday.

That, of course, means that Holy Week is next week. How is this possible?
Oh Lent, where art thou?
Luckily I have been pretty diligent on my Lenten disciplines. I gave up beer. I believe in the old school differentiation between a discipline and a fast (see the definition in the Augustine prayerbook if you don't believe me). A discipline is where you give something up or take something on. A fast is when you don't eat (or watch TV or whatever) and use that time that would otherwise be engaged to pray or meditate. You can give up fasts on Sunday, but disciplines cease to be disciplines if you intentionally fall off the wagon every 7th day.

I am also almost done with my drawn series of the Stations of the Cross, which is why my usual Archer Comics have taken something of a hiatus. These have been much more draining than I had anticipated, and it just didn't seem right to be go from drawing the Stations to my usual tongue-in-cheek fare. I have two more panels to draw, but I already have the ideas for them sketched out in rough draft form. The theme I have chosen for these is quite horrifying in a minimalist cartoon sort of way.

I will be putting them here on this blog, and will discuss them more in detail at that point. I have worked it out so that I will post one Station in the morning, one at noon, and one in the evening for Monday through Thursday with the final two on Good Friday.

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