Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So weird...

So my field education priest and I went out to lunch at a hole in the wall Mexican place in Rogers Park known for their "futbol sized burritos" in pork, chicken, or beef. (Remember the pork.) We were about the only white people in the place, but as there was a priest in clericals no one asked questions. I am also constantly amazed at how well known my field ed supervisor is known in places you would not expect.

Halfway through our meal, in walks these six Hasidic Jews: curly Mutton Chops, black hats, and all. (No, I am not making this up...) The place sort of stops. The following conversation ensues with the guy behind the counter.

Rabbi 1: "Yah, veed like to make a place out order..."
Guy behind the counter: "You hombres know we no kosher, si?"
Rabbi 1: "Yah"
Rabbis 2 through 5 nod heads up and down.
Guy behind counter: "(awkward pause)...and we serve pork."
Rabbi 3: "Yah...and zit smells delicious."

Alrighty then...only in Chicago.

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