Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Archer Sells His Soul

After a whirlwind week in Lincoln, I have returned. It was a good trip, despite the bad traffic in Chicago on my return today. I was spoiled with a week in Nebraska where people actually know how to drive and use turn signals on a regular basis.

I officially sold my soul to St. Mark's by signing my work contract agreement. Other than that, I suppose the question is, "What didn't the Archer get done this week?"

Move all my books and furniture out to Nebraska- check
Rent a storage place for aforementioned books-check
Get drafted into an Elk lodge- check
Rent an apartment- check
Get a free sofa and lounge chair- check
Get 3 much needed bookshelves- check
Spend the day with my significant other- check
Plan an ordination service- check
Sign my work contract- check
Sell my soul- check

I guess I am now officially a respectable citizen. What's that about?


Beth said...

Elk lodge?

Anonymous said...

Who is this mysterious "significant other?"

The Cowardly Seminarian said...


The Archer of the Forest said...

Yeah, I don't know how that happened. Me...respectable. Whatever.

And an Elk Lodge is sort of like a Moose Lodge or something. Check out