Thursday, May 24, 2007

Buzzsaws at 7 AM

No, Buzzsaws at 7AM are not some weird adult beverage (that I know of). Buzzsaws are in fact whats going on outside my window right now. I was awoken about 6:50 with a tapping at the window. This somewhat startled me considering I live on the third floor.

Voice from the Outside: Hey, man, can you shut your window?
Archer: Whaaa?
Voice from the Outside: Can you shut your window, we're going to run the saw?
Archer: Its 7.
Voice from the Outside: Yeah, man, we were here at 6 but thought we'd wait.
Archer: How considerate (shuts window).

Apparently Seabury is getting fixed. Despite the liturgical shenanigans in the chapel. that's "fixed" as in "repaired," not "fixed" as in "neutered." (Sorry, Ruth and/or Bob Barker.) But I digress...which considering I was awoken out of bed, its the best I can do until the coffee pot finishes brewing.

Buzzsaws at 7AM...Is this really necessary? Is this any way to treat your Senior citizens?

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