Sunday, May 27, 2007

X Minus One Week...

A lot of people were asking me at church today if I was done with school yet. I kept saying, "Not yet." But much like eschatological Christians, the Kingdom of God is both here, but also not yet.

I have finished all my papers, but I still have classes on Tuesday. I can only imagine how pointless they will be because by this point all the seniors have mentally checked out and will, shall we say, be less than enthusiastic about participating. Basically, the End is here, but not yet.

It is really sort of hard to believe. We had end of the year awards night last week (and I still believe Seabury would be a great place for a gigantic game of Clue). I do not really know how I am going to feel this week. A little sad to be leaving friends, but also happy that our parole is coming through.

I guess I am saying that I feel somewhat melancholy. I am a good Anglican afterall. By melancholy, I mean "sober thoughtfulness" not "a gloomy state of mind" or certainly not the archaic meaning of "the condition of having too much black bile, considered in ancient and medieval medicine to cause gloominess and depression." That would be just gross.

We will be finally given our wings so we can fly, unleased on Christendom to practice our wares, which is a somewhat really disturbing thought. And while it is true that eagles may soar, weasels don't get sucked into jet engines. I guess in my own way, I am recalling the words of Christ that you be "wise as serpents, and innocent as doves."

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