Friday, July 06, 2007

Curacy Thoughts

After the first day, I was beginning to wonder what I would going to be doing all day long. The first day was mostly sitting around the office checking e-mail working on my sermon.

Today, the meetings started. People began trickling in. I am told by the powers that be that this is the Meet-the-New-Curate week and that everyone is "on their best behavior." Right...can't wait for the real behavior to start. I hope it isn't a murder.

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RB said...

Welcome to Lincoln, from a parishioner at St. Matthew's.

I used to attend the Tuesday Eucharist at St. Mark's. Unfortunately, my work schedule will no longer allow it.

I wish you well. I've seen a few of your comments on TitusOneNine. In spite of the frequent harshness of comments in the blog, you seemed okay, and I've followed you from time to time, since you are a fellow Nebraskan.

Anyway, God's best for your ministry. No doubt I will be seeing you around.