Sunday, July 01, 2007

The First Day

So I started at St. Mark't today. The first day of the rest of my life as the curate. I think it went pretty well. I think my major challenge is going to be in trying to remember people's names, which I am not especially good at. I can remember minute details and conversations I have with people, but it takes me a few minutes to conjure up their names. I generally tend to think of them after the fact.

So, what was my first curate task other than functioning liturgically as a deacon? Well, I was forced to rescue data from a computer in the office which was showing the dreaded Windows blue screen of death. I pulled out my emergency Ubuntu Linux live CD and circumvented the malfunctioning Windows operating system long enough to rescue the data onto an external USB harddrive by using a temporary operating system. The bad news is we had to reformat. The good news is the sermon (and other important data) were saved.

Fear the Geek... he's on a mission from God.

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AKMA said...

Linux FTW! WEll done, my advisee!