Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun Facebook Group

In the Cosmic Universal Timewaster (also known Facebook), my friend Kyle (also known as Captain Sacrament) led me to a Facebook group entitled "Just Say No to Christian Commercialism." This was the description given:

Because somebody somewhere decided that it was ok to sell Jesus all over again...
The Ten commandments (revised):

1. Thou shalt wear no WWJD bracelets nor adopt other junk acronyms (like FROG)
2. Thou shalt not be in possession of stickers such as 'Eternity: smoking or non-smoking?' - a) it's idiotic and b) what an effective way to share God's love...
3. Thou shalt not stick fish symbols on cars
4.Thou shalt not touch anything by Rick Warren or bearing the words ' Purpose Driven Life' - except to burn it...
5. Thou shalt abhorJoyce Meyer's lack of grammar e.g. 'Start your day right'
6. Thou shalt not partake of Christian self-help - what the feck is this?
7. Thou shalt not display nor admire posters with pictures of cute puppies and kittens with Bible verses
8. Thou shalt not listen to nor recommend Christian 'rock' music
9. Thou shalt not attempt to convince others that one is 'pure' through jewellery.
10. Thou shalt not attempt to evangelise atheist friends with hideous Christian greeting cards.

Pictures to follow...

I found this amusing...
-The Archer+

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The Cowardly Seminarian said...

FROG? What does FROG stand for?