Friday, August 03, 2007

The Archer's Football Preseason Football Rankings

My friend Steve over at the Silent Holocron released his Preseason Football poll. I guess I need to follow suit. After a year's hiatus because I was gallivanting around Europe, my football poll is back in action. You can view it in the sidebar. I feel like I took a sabbatical from reality by missing the whole of the regular football season last year. But hey, if you get to spend time in Narnia, you have to sacrifice a few things ;)

Anyway, the only comment I would make is that I have always subscribed to the philosophy that the champ is the champ until they prove otherwise. I do not believe Florida will be No. 1 at the end of the season, or perhaps even by midseason given their off the field problems, but they are the reigning champs. As much as it gripes me, I am sticking to my principles.

I think USC will eventually take over as No. 1. They have almost their entire defense returning and their offense looks solid. They are coming to play Nebraska in mid-Sept. Don't ask...I have had no luck getting tickets unless I want to pay at least 500 corn cobs dollars.

Texas and Oklahoma are fairly evenly matched. The winner of that dogfight will likely win the Big 12.

Auburn and LSU both look strong from the SEC West. I am interested to see what Nick Saban is going to do at Alabama. I don't expect much his first season, but I feel he will for at least one game show somebody up.

Michigan/Ohio State will vie for Big 10 honors again. How good they are against anybody else outside the Big 10 (see last seasons Bowl scores) is anybody's guess.

Dark Horses to watch:

Wisconsin. Double Digit winners from last season, returning a strong class, not particularly that strong a schedule.

West Virginia. One of these years they might actually not tank a season at the end.

Louisville. Solid Team, good schedule, good coaching.

South Carolina. I haven't seen Steve Spurrier this upbeat in the preseason since he was at Florida. He's got something cooking, which is never a good thing. He will beat at least one of the big three: LSU, Florida, Tennessee.


Susie said...

Woo hoo! I like your odds, listing my wolverines at #8 AND #10...

The Archer of the Forest said...

Woopsies...I meant Louisville for #10.

NuevaCantora said...

YAY! I figured you meant us for #10...