Thursday, August 02, 2007

Communion Matters

Are any of my readers having to do any adult forums with the Communion Matters document? My Bishop is on the Theology Committee, so we are being expected to use it and give recommendations. I've read through it several times, and as with most of the stuff the House of Bishops send out, (aside from the atrociously bad grammar in parts) and I am not exactly sure how a local congregation is suppose to utilize it.

Part IV sets out some questions for reflection that seem a little bizarrely esoteric for an adult forum. I guess we could utilize them in some form but might need to tinker with them to make them more practically applicable. That would seem to depend upon what exactly the congregation is suppose to do. I mean, is this suppose to be an FYI conversation, or are we suppose to come up with some sort of concrete document or recommendation to send to the bishop, etc?

If it is just an FYI conversation, then maybe we could come up with a short outline of the history of Anglican polity or something. That sounds dry as dirt, but I am not really sure how else to introduce this particular document in a group church setting. I fear the conversation would just devolve into 1.) people pontificating on how the church ought to be structured or 2.) complete apathy. Do you have any thoughts on what should be the structure of this congregational conversation?

I am not exactly sure what we are supposed to do with it, but I fear it's a precursor to "walking apart." We shall see...

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Raisin said...

Our bishop is travelling about the state gathering thoughts from groups of parishioners (all are invited, but obviously, just the ones who show up will have input)so that when he goes to the HoB meeting, he feels he has some sense of what his congregations think or desire. At least here, we're not taking the Adult Forum route.