Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here you go, Father!

Today, St Mark's was hosting a group of students temporarily displaced from the University of Nebraska Cultural Center due to a bureaucratic scheduling snafu. As part of out outreach to the University, we allow our space to be used for student events like this.

Today, its Episode II: Attack of the Czechs. The Czech student group is hosting the Czech UN ambassador and other dignitaries which couldn't be rescheduled. They've been up the hall in the kitchen cooking Czech goodness all afternoon. The church smells of pot roasts and sauerkraut.

Students keep coming into the office with plates of food. "Here you go, Father!" Potato pancakes, kolaches (which I surmise is some some pastry). It's been an all afternoon feast.

Quoth the rector, "Same time next semester?"

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