Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Its doing that to your ear drums too...

So, I was sitting in my office earlier. My office overlooks St Mark's little courtyard area which is next to one of the main drags on the University of Nebraska campus. We are on a corner with a stop sign, and a lot of student passersby use the walkway intersection to get over to the classroom buildings across the way.

The time was approximately 11:30, so I assumed the classes were getting out for the lunch hour. There were people milling about with back packs and whatnot, about what you would expect on a campus. A tweaked out car pulls up to the stop: a purple low riding thing which appeared to be about 5 or so years all.

The owner decides it is time to cruise by turning on the woofer in his car. What I can only describe as a shockwave from the blast of rap music rattled my office window. It was at this point that I looked up from my desk. I was just in time to see a hub cap, apparently loosened from the rap music, fall off the car and roll down the sidewalk.

I have never actually seen anyone roll on the ground with laughter before, at least until now. Some college students will no doubt to recounting that story for years. I don't expect to see the purple pimp machine back on the strip anytime soon.The driver sped off quickly, trying to save face.

I think the hub cap is still laying in the St Mark's courtyard.

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