Saturday, September 01, 2007

Like a Rock...

That's how quickly Michigan was dropped from my top ten a rock. I am going to have to ban them from my top ten list for the year. Appy gotta be kidding. I might take odds on not whether Lloyd Carr is out by the end of the season, but if he even makes it through the season. He's been on the hot seat for a while and now he's turned the gas on. The Big House may blow up.

Not that I have much to talk about, as my Tennessee team pretty much got thumped by Cal, who cracked my top ten btw. I saw that one coming. Cal was out for blood.

My other team, Nebraska, looked sharp though. I will have a write up on that tomorrow as I got to go to the game. I am too tired to write anything in depth at this point.

I also promoted Louisville and West Virginia who looked sharp, while I knocked Auburn down a few notches. I pushed Va. Tech out of the top ten because they appeared to need some work. I have Georgia Tech in the wings at No. 11 after they drubbed Notre Dame. I think Ga. Tech can have a special season this year if they play their cards right. I know that will make my uncle John very happy.

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