Monday, September 10, 2007

Top Ten Update

I made a few tweaks to my College Football Top Ten list yesterday. I bumped LSU up over USC to No. 2. LSU has looked incredible the first two games.

I don't really think Florida will finish No. 1, but as I have always stated, the champs are the champs until they prove otherwise.

Texas/Oklahoma are still too close to call. Although I am leaning toward Oklahoma taking the lead in the Big XII South.

I bumped Louisville down to No. 10 because they scored a lot of points on the Thursday night game, but I am not sure they have a defense.

I bumped up West Virginia, Cal, and Wisconsin to round out the other spots. The jury is still out on how good these teams are, but so far so good.

On the bubble: Georgia Tech (If they can get by Clemson, they have a legitimate shot an going undefeated), South Carolina (I predicted they would beat at least one of the big boys in the East and they already did it to Georgia. I think Tennessee is next in their sights), and Nebraska (probably a pipe dream, but hope springs eternal.)

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