Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Are you ready for

The Playoffs are mercifully upon us. This has been a rather lackluster Major League Baseball season. I say that partially because none of my teams did much after the All Star Break. I also say that because it really was a rather boring season, especially for us National Leaguers at heart.

I mean, no NL team with more than 90 wins. What's with that? The most exciting thing down the stretch in the NL was watching the Mets collapse, and you knew that was going to happen. (Hey! It's the Mets...You gotta Bereave!) The Central and West were divisions no one seemed to want to win, and the East...well, I've already gloated about the Mets enough.

The AL was a little better, but even then, the White Sox were battling the Royals for the cellar. No team finished below .400 but none about a .600 winning mark either. I'm reminded of both that all Stealer's Wheel song, "Stuck in the Middle with You" and that great but truly bizarre scene with Salieri at the end of the movie Amadeus, "Mediocrity! I am your patron saint!...I absolve you+"

Anyway, here are the Matchups (and my not so humle mumlings)


While I am amazed that the Yanks' egos didn't find a way to cancel themselves out down the stretch, the Indians are 0-6 against the Bronx Bombers this year. That's cause for major concern for Beth (and other Cleveland fans).

Advantage: Ghost of Babe Ruth

Angels/Red Sox

I think this is the more interesting matchup in the AL. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or somewhere in California they can figure not where limped into the Playoffs, but then were not under serious threat at the end. Bean Town was edgy over the Yanks breathing down their necks. Both have a starter tonight who might be up for the Cy Young Award.

Advantage: Fenway Park


This is the 'Feel Good Series of the Year'-Siskel and Ebert. Phillies claimed the NL East on the last day of the season because of Mets aforementioned collapse (pay no attention to the laughter, its just the ghosts of every team who collapsed in history). Rockies are no doubt riding a wave after winning the wildcard playoff game in 13. Phillies have had a few days rest and are peeking at the right time.

Advantage: Philly Phanatic


This is the Underdog Series. I am not convinced the Cubbies have what it takes to make a sustained post season run. Of course, neither am I convinced the D-backs are all that good a team.

Advantage: Goat

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