Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Blog Entry where The Archer takes the Plunge

Top Ten Tidbits of Wisdom that have been passed on to me on Marriage:

10. "I'll give you ten reasons you shouldn't..."
9. (By a woman married to No. 10): "Will you hush?"
8. "I think marriage is a miracle, not that people get married, but that they stay married."
7. "Sweet Jesus, boy"
6. "Remember, you gotta share power. Any marriage where one side takes over is not good."
5. "As long as you are based on God and Jesus, it will be fine."
4. (From the divorced man with a handle-bar mustache:) "Let me give you some advice..."
3. "Why do people buy diamond engagement rings? I mean...dude...its a rock!"
2. "Run!"
1. way!...The Archer's getting hitched!


Raisin said...

Archer! No kidding?! Congratulations!!

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