Friday, October 19, 2007

Creating Bridal Registries

On of the ignominious things that has to be done for weddings is sign up for Bridal Registries. For those guys like myself who were not well versed in the ways of the Force Wedding, a Bridal registry is when you go into store and create a list of stuff the people might consider buying for you as a wedding present. I had heard of such mysterious things before, but only in some very esoteric sense. I always just assumed it was another rampant capitalism "we want stuff" crock. (That's crock as in sham, and not crock as in crockpot. I already have one of those...)

I had never actually looked at a Bridal registry, as usually if I have to buy a wedding present for someone I make or pick out myself. In case you haven't clued in from my blog over the past 3+ years, I can't do anything normally. I have been known to carve a wooden jewelry box or fly in some exotic piece of art or something from Egypt. I admit its not practical, but, as I have been learning, since when are weddings about anything practical? I like to give gifts that are meaningful, not some stupid thing like a salad shooter that is going to end up in a garage sale in 5 years. (Don't check the registry on that either...I already have one. It's still in the box if you want to make me an offer for it.)

So we went down to a certain store we wanted to register at. They have automated Hal9000 bridal registry machines now. You fill out the form online and then the goofy guy working the return counter appears and hands you what appears to be a bulky Captain Kirk phaser. Actually, the phaser is a barcode zapping gun. You can then float around the store and zap things you want on your registry.

Of course, we decided to test it on a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper. As far as we know, it is still on the bridal registry. Then the mission began. Much like Dorothy and the Scarecrow walking down the yellow brick road, we wondered around the store, zapping things. A towel here, a picture frame there. If you look at the bridal registry, you can probably figure out what zany things I zapped. My personal favorite was a set of 4 Guinness beer glasses and a bag of M & M's.

Like I said, weddings aren't practical.

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Stephen Newell said...

LOL! Dude, this brings back memories. My brother-in-law found a way to have fun with it -- he zapped a whole freestanding arcade that had all the classic games at Target. My sister thought he was nuts. I thought he was a genius.

But then again, he's an Alabama fan, so I may have to take that back.